Complaints procedure

Our commitment to you

At McKenzie Finance each of our customers are important to us, and we believe you have the right to a fair, swift and courteous service at all times.

We are in receipt of your complaint and we will deal with it promptly, effectively and in a positive manner.

McKenzie Finance Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint about the service which you have received please send written correspondence to

111 Union Street
G1 3TA

Or alternatively please call one of our dedicated advisors:

0141 380 0643

If we are unable to resolve your complaint initially, a written acknowledgement will be issued to you no later than 48 hours from receiving your complaint.

Your concerns will be fully investigated by the Complaints team and a final response will be issued to you within eight weeks of the initial receipt of your complaint or we will explain why we are not able to issue a response at that time. At this point a hold letter will be sent explaining this.

We will try to resolve your complaint within 3 working days. If we can resolve it, we will confirm this through a written acknowledgement with a resolution and next steps. If your complaint is not resolved within 3 days then you will receive written acknowledgement of your complaint and you will receive a final response within 8 weeks.